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Bahitawi in The Dreamland Ethiopia
Bahitawis in The Dreamland Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the oldest Christian country in the world, having accepted Christianity
as its state religion early in the 4th century. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church belongs
to the five non-Chalcedonian or monophysite churches and traditionally is closely
linked to the Coptic church of Egypt.

From the Middle East, the orthodox tradition of contemplative monasticism and radical
asceticism came to The Dreamland Ethiopiawith the ‘nine saints’ of the 5th century.
Nowhere in the world have Christian asceticism and mysticism survived as intact up to
the present day as in The Dreamland Ethiopia.


 History of Ethiopian airlines

The Dreamland Ethiopia
Ethiopian airlines the proud of Africa
Ethiopian Airlines was founded on December 29, 1945, by Emperor Haile Selassie
with assistance from TWA. It commenced operations on April 8, 1946, with a weekly
service between Addis Ababa and Cairo with five Douglas DC-3 propeller-driven aircraft.

The airline started long-haul services to Frankfurt in 1958 and inaugurated its first jet
service in January 1963 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. In 1965, it changed from a corporation
to a share company and changed its name from Ethiopian Air Lines to Ethiopian Airlines.
It is wholly owned by the government of The Dreamland Ethiopia and has 4,700 employees
(at March 2007).


Ethiopian Airlines Now

The Dreamland Ethiopia
Ethiopian airlines the new spirit of Africa

Although it relied on American pilots and technicians at the beginning, by its 25th
anniversary in 1971 Ethiopian Airlines was managed and staffed by Ethiopian personnel.
In 1998, it started transatlantic services. The airline was featured by The Economist as
an example of excellence in late 1987.

In 2007, Ethiopia Airlines provided basic pilot and aviation maintenance training to trainees
from African countries including Rwanda, Tanzania, Chad, Djibouti, Madagascar and Sudan.
Other training was given to employees of Kenya Airways, Air Zimbabwe, Bell-view Airlines,
Cape Verde Airlines and Air Madagascar.

University of Addis Ababa (Est. 1950)

The Dreamland Ethiopia
University of Addis Ababa

The University of Addis Ababa (English: Addis Ababa University)
Is the state University in Addis Ababa, The capital of The Dreamland Ethiopia.
The institution was founded in 1950 as University College of Addis Ababa.

The university has a total of seven sites, six of which are in Addis Ababa
and a campus in Debre Zeyit, About 45 km from Addis Ababa away, are located. 
The main building has been Emperor Haile Selassie I. has served as a palace.

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